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Бренд: SBOX Шифра: 599870175
Adapter for Lenovo notebooks - round connectorPower: 45 W (max.)Input: 100V-240V / 1.5 AOutput: 20 V / 2.25 AEfficiency: >82%DC connector: RoundOvercharge protectionOperating temperature: 0°C – 40°CDimensions: 99 mm x 44 mm x 32 mmWeight: 192 g..
Бренд: SBOX Шифра: 599867399
ADAPTER FOR DELL NOTEBOOK SBOX DL-65WInput Voltage: AC 100 - 240VInput Current: 1.5AEfficiency: more than 82%Output: 19.5V DC, 3.34A, 65WDC Connector size: 4,5 x 3,0 mm with central pinOperating Temperature range: 0 - 40Dimesions: 117 x 50 x 32mmWeight: 283gHigh efficiency and low power consumptionO..
Бренд: SBOX Шифра: 599868218
Universal AC Adapter for LaptopsPower: 90 WAutomatically select the required voltageInput: 100V-240V / 1.8A maxOutput voltage and current: 15 - 19.5V / 4.6 - 6A (15V/6A, 16V/5.6A, 18.5V/4.8A, 19V/4.7A, 19.5V/4.6A)12 compatible terminal connectorsProtection against overload, short circuit and overvol..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: GX20L29354
Lenovo 65W AC Wall Adapter (round tip); S340-15API Touch, 320S-14IKB, C340-14IML, C340-15IWL, 720-15IKB, 320-17IKB, 720S-14IKB, 330-15IKB, 320 Touch-15IKB, 520-15IKB, S145-14IWL, L340 -17IWL, S340-14IML, S145-15IWL, Yoga S740-14IIL, S145-14API, Yoga 530-14ARR, L340-15API Touch, 130-15AST, 330S-15ARR..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 4X20M26256
Lenovo 45W AC Adapter Charger (USB Type-C); ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen, X1 Tablet 2nd Gen, X1 Yoga 2nd Gen, X1 Carbon 5th Gen, T470, T470s, T570 ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen 20J1, 20J2 All X1 Tablet 2nd Gen 20JB, 20JC All X1 Yoga 2nd Gen 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20J..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 4X20M26272
Lenovo 65W AC Power Adapter Charger (USB Type-C tip); ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen, X1 Tablet 2nd Gen, X1 Yoga 2nd Gen, X1 Carbon 5th Gen, T470, T470s, T570DescriptionMachine TypeThinkPad 13 2nd Gen20J1, 20J2X1 Tablet 2nd Gen20JB, 20JCX1 Yoga 2nd Gen20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JGX1 Carbon 5th Gen20HQ,..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 4X20V24678
Lenovo 65W Slim AC Power Adapter Charger (USB Type-C tip); ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen, X1 Tablet 2nd Gen, X1 Yoga 2nd Gen, X1 Carbon 5th Gen, T470, T470s, T570 Color Black Connection Type USB-C PD3.0 Cable Length/Type Line Cord C7 2Pin US Weight ..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 0B47484
ThinkPad 65W AC Adapter (slim type); V330-14ARR, P51s, TB 14-IML, T470, Yoga 370, TB 13s-IWL, L570, T470s, P51s, L470, Yoga 11e 4th Gen, A275, V720-14, T570,  Yoga 11e 5th Gen, X270, V330-15ISK, TP13, TP 13 Gen 2, TB 15-IML, 11e 4th Gen, V330-14IKB, V330-15IKB, X380 Yoga, A475,TP 11e 5th Gen, L..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 4X20V24694
Lenovo 95W AC Power Adapter Charger (USB Type-C tip); ThinkBook 14-IIL 20SL; 14-IML 20RV; 15-IIL 20SM; 15-IML 20RW..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 40Y7663
ThinkPad 90W AC Power Adapter Charger; L430, L421, X1 Laptop, L520, S340, T430si, Edge E135, T520i, X220i, Edge E330, X131e Chromebook, X220i, Edge E530, Edge E435, T420i, Edge E220s, Edge E425, T430u, X130e, X230, L530, T530i, Edge E545, X131e, T430i, Edge E430, T420si , Edge E520, Edge E125, T520 ..
Бренд: Other Шифра: 599873559
?11 in 1 USB C Hub Expansion? True to the term ‘All-in-One’, covers all the features you need! Instantly expand your Macbook with 4 USB 3.0 Type A ports , 1 USB C PD port, 4K HDMI video output, VGA male-to-female port, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, Audio/Mic 2-in-1 port, and SD/Micro SD card reader sl..
Бренд: Lenovo Шифра: 0B46998
ThinkPad 90W AC Adapter (Slim tip); E440, E450, E455, E460, E465, E470, E540, E550, E555, E560, E570 E575, L440, L450, L460, L540, L560, L570, S1 Yoga 12, S3 Yoga 14, Yoga 14, Yoga 460, T431s, T440, R450, T450s, T440, T440s, T450, T460, T460p, T470p, T540, T550, T560, X1 Carbon 1st Gen, X1 Carbon 2n..
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